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RestaurantsToYou is one of the first Ghost Kitchens in America opening and operating profitably since 2008 with our 8 internally developed eight virtual restaurant concepts.

RestaurantsToYou  was conceived by Kevin Abt, the national founder of Takeout Taxi in 1987. Takeout Taxi was the first national multi-restaurant delivery service in America that gre to over 75 markets and $250 million in annual sales before the internet was even a household name!  Several original Takeout Taxi markets have been acquired by Grubhub and are still operating some 33 years later.

RestaurantsToYou can provide your team with a complete virtual (thru ZOOM) training program that includes our tried and true 8 virtual restaurant concepts and/or Ghost Kitchen development. Major areas of training include; menu design, recipes, pricing, packaging, state of the art delivery technology, placement on our website as well as several other national platforms, (i.e/ Fooda, Seamless Web, Ezcater etc.)along with layout recommendations on Ghost kitchen facilities if applicable.who want to benefit

Ghost Kitchens and/or Virtual Restaurant Concepts are the hottest part of the restaurant industry today and are perfect for;

1.  Restaurant  owners  who want to benefit from the incremental sales of adding our8 virtual concepts.

2.  Restaurant trained chefs who wish to open their own Ghost kitchen at a fraction of the cost of opening their own restaurant. 

3.   Multi Restaurant Delivery Service owners that want to make dramatically higher margins than their existing slim 15-25% restaurant discounts.

4.   Entrepreneurs that want to start a business in one of the hottest areas of the restaurant industry today.

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